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Explore our product lines and discover why your customers will love Natural Wonders' products.

Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent

Long-lasting, natural tropical strength protection from mosquitoes, midges and sandflies.

DEET, Picaridin & OLE free
Tropical strength protection
Protects for up to 4hrs
Repels midges better than 80% DEET
Citronella free
Protects for up to 3hrs

Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent

The only midge and mosquito repellent in Australia designed for babies under 12 months.

Good Riddance Rescue Balm Bite Relief

Instant relief for bug bites.

Soothes bites, cuts & scratches
Promotes healing
Rich in vitamin E
For home use
Popular with travellers
100% natural ingredients

Good Riddance Indoor & Outdoor Defence

Natural products designed to create bite-free zones in the home and outdoor spaces.

Natural Wonders Skincare

Functional, natural skincare products made in Australia.

Natural ingredients
Functional products
Developed by cosmetic chemist
100% pure essential oils
Great for gifting
For use in diffusers

Natural Wonders Essential Oils

100% pure essential oil blends.