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Good Riddance Rescue Balm

Tea Tree, Lavender, Helichrysum, Tamanu & Hemp oils
Soothes bites, cuts & scratches
Promotes skin repair
Rich in vitamin E
Instant relief
100% natural ointment
Easy to use applicator

A great complementary product for you customers

Rescue Balm can be used on insect bites, cuts, scrapes and other skin irritations. This makes it a fantastic cross-sell opportunity for customers purchasing insect repellent.

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Available in:
10g Biodegradable tube
30g biodegradable tube

Stops bites itching, fast

Rescue Balm’s itch-stopping (and healing) ingredients are encapsulated in a natural oil gel base which ensures long-lasting delivery of the soothing ingredients to the affected area. 

Cooling peppermint, numbing clove and rosemary help reduce irritation while lavender and tea tree essential oils provide a natural antiseptic effect. Rescue Balm is rich with vitamin E, tamanu, helichrysum and hemp oil which are all highly valued for promoting skin repair.

A sustainable option

All of our Rescue Balm packaging can be recycled in curbside recycling bins. The tubes are made from a landfill biodegradable plastic that will break down within 10 years, without creating microplastics.

We also donate 1% of every sale we make to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to support the important conservation work they do right across Australia.

Already a stockist? Order Rescue Balm here.

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