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Good Riddance Indoor & Outdoor Defence

Citronella & Australian Lemon Scented Tea Tree
Alternative to incense & coils
For home use
Popular with travellers
100% natural ingredients
Phthalate free

Complementary products for the Good Riddance range

The Good Riddance Tropical Soy Candle and Good Riddance Tropical Essential Oil are made with the same essential oil blend used in our Tropical Insect Repellent cream. These products offer a fantastic cross-sell opportunity for fans of the Good Riddance range.

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A natural alternative to coils & incense

We’ve blended citronella & Australian lemon scented tea tree with other incredible smelling essential oils that will fill a home or outdoor space with a summery scent that the bugs hate.

Naturally better for you and the planet

Good Riddance Indoor & Outdoor protection products are made from 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. They are free from phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

We also donate 1% of every sale we make to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to support the important conservation work they do right across Australia.

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Your customers will love Good Riddance Insect Repellent